WATCH: AOC chants “ILLEGITIMATE!” joins angry pro-abortion activists after SCOTUS decision on Roe v Wade

AOC arrived at the Supreme Court to join angry pro-abortion activists and chanted “ILLEGITIMATE” with them.

Pro Abortion protesters burst into tears and begin to condemn the Supreme Court as “ILLEGITIMATE” as the decsion to overturn Roe v Wade is announced in front of the Supreme Court here in DC

Per Drew Hernandez “A Pro Abortion Activist has climbed the Frederick Douglas Memorial Bridge in DC to protest the overturning of Roe V Wade with a massive green flag and a yellow flag, he appears to be taking selfies on top of the bridge. Police have closed down the bridge”

Mike Cernovich tweeted “Roe v Wade would still exist if Democrats didn’t sue to have late term child murders. This is utterly self-inflicted. Y’all could have had safe, legal, and rare abortions. But that wasn’t good enough, you had to cut open 9 month old baby skulls. Have some decency!”