WATCH: Another Google Insider Comes Forward to Claim Political Bias

On Wednesday, watch dog investigative journalists at Project Veritas unveiled yet another bombshell interview with Google employee Zach Vorhies, who recently unveiled shocking information while accusing the company of political bias and election meddling.

Vorhies said he “saw something dark and nefarious going on with [Google,] and I realized that they were going to not only tamper with the elections, but use that tampering with the elections to essentially overthrow the United States.”

The Google employee released a volume of information to Project Veritas, sitting down for an on-camera interview with James O’Keefe, the investigative journalist who helms the project.

According to Vorhies, he also relinquished nearly 1,000 documents to the DOJ’s Antitrust division, after having spent around a year compiling information.

“I felt that our entire election system was going to be compromised forever,” explained Vorhies, adding, “the American public needs to understand what’s happening,” and said Google has worked to “control the entire information landscape.”

Among the documents released by Vorhies were apparent “black-lists” for websites and publications, largely conservative in nature, which would allegedly prevent such outlets from being included in searches using Google devices, such as the popular Android.

Other documents focused on what Google deemed to be “Fake News and other Fringe: Trashy Recap” which seemingly implied that content is heavily scrutinized by so-called “human raters,” who apparently decide what is and is not acceptable.

Still more documents appeared to show the company’s process of “ranking” news organizations and individuals in terms of credibility, while others outlined Google’s policy towards diversifying the company by hiring people of specific races.

One document made a reference of “coffee beans” while describing the company’s practices of spending “extra time” with failing candidates to ensure the hiring of specific minorities.

In another document relating to outlets wishing to participate in “Google News” search results outlines Google’s alarming demand for a manual review of news outlets’ “processes, policies, and editorial guidelines,” along with penalties for violations.

The document lists its goals as creating a “clean [and] regularly sanitized news corpus.”

“I had every incentive in the world to stay at the company, and just collect the paycheck,” said Vorhies. “I could never live with myself knowing that if Google was able to implement the plans that they were planning.”

The 8-year Google veteran’s story took a shocking turn when he also revealed that Google had apparently requested the police do a “wellness check,” resulting in his temporary arrest by a large group of police in San Francisco.

“This is a large way in which they intimidate their employees that go rogue on the company,” said Vorhies, who claimed that police told him Google asked them to contact him.

Vorhies said that, what he had been concerned since 2016, the incident involving the police prompted his decision to go public, calling Google a “political machine” that is determined to prevent the re-election of President Donald Trump.

“If people don’t fall in line with [Google’s] editorial agenda, then their news articles get de-boosted and de-ranked,” said Vorhies. “And if people do fall in line with their editorial agenda, it gets boosted and pushed to the top.”

Vorhies accused Google of “playing both sides of the game,” and noted that “On the one hand, they’re saying they are a platform, and that they are immune from being sued for the content that they host on their website.”

“On the other hand, they’re acting as a publisher, in which they’re determining the editorial agenda of these certain companies, and they are applying that,” explained Vorhies.

Though his claims of Google’s intentional, and apparently thoroughly designed mechanisms of controlling content and silencing dissent is almost unbelievable, Vorhies’ allegations against his former employer appear grounded in fact, as the released documents show.

Google, which has become one of the most powerful companies on earth, is the most visited website on the internet, and has grown to amass an enormous amount of power, and an increasing hold over the sharing of information online.

Since the election of President Trump, Google and other big tech industry giants, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others, have faced mounting scrutiny and allegations of anti-conservative bias.

Now, as former employees continue to come forward with staggering proof of Google’s inherent bias, its previous claims of political impartiality appear simply untrue.

With the 2020 election close at hand, the issue of big tech’s glaringly obvious role in politics and political news remains a hot topic for pundits and commenters of all political backgrounds.

As more information relating to Google’s internal practices comes to light, a disturbing picture of the company has continued to emerge, portraying Google as determined to exert a dominant hold on the news cycle in an effort to determine the outcome of elections.

Shocking as this may be, the company’s highly detailed policies regarding the blacklisting, fact-checking, rating, and outright silencing of news sources and citizen journalists leaves little doubt that Google’s political ambitions exist, and are far from non-partisan.

Additionally, leaked footage not only exposed questionable practices occurring within Google’s leadership, but also its close partner YouTube, another powerful company that has taken a growing political stance, along with public criticism.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki eagerly discussed the company’s plans to combat what was labeled “fake” news, while promoting what she described as “authoritative” news, while mentioning the role YouTube potentially can play, politically.

Throughout the Trump administration, big tech behemoths have faced mountainous blowback from prominent conservatives and every-day American citizens who continue to allege rampant bias and unfair practices.

For Google, which enjoys a hallowed spot in the “Big 4” of the tech industry, alongside Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, its unquestionably political nature has served to alienate several employees, leading to repeated leaks exposing its inherent bias.

Though big tech companies continue insisting that their platforms and operating procedures  are free of all partisan motivation, leaks by Zach Vorhies and other insiders continue to cast doubt on their claims.