WATCH: Angry Holocaust Survivors Tell AOC “You’re Insulting Every Victim”

In a powerful new video, David Tuck and Sami Steigmann, two survivors of the Holocaust, describing their experiences during World War II while calling out Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for comparing US detention facilities to concentration camps.

“You have no concentration camps here,” said Tuck, a survivor of four different camps.

Discussing Ocasio-Cortez, Tuck remarked, “She’s looking out for herself, there must be a purpose, a reason,” adding, “Why would she say it? She wants to be popular.”

“I went through it,” said Steigmann, asking “How can you, looking at my face, tell me that the camps that they have in the south are concentration camps?”

Steigmann added, “You are insulting every victim of the Holocaust, shame on you.”

Social media commenters, including Gad Saad, a man who escaped a death sentence in the Middle East for being Jewish, remarked on AOC’s comparison while urging the freshman Congresswoman to educate herself.