WATCH: American Soccer Fans in France Chant “F Trump”

American soccer fans inside a sports bar in France started a “f**k Trump” chant, during a live broadcast on Fox News.

The chant comes after the U.S. women’s soccer team won the “World Cup.”

The team was chastised for their unsportsmanlike conduct throughout the tournament.

Sports fans condemned the team for mocking and showboating during celebrations on the field.

Daily Caller reported that the U.S. women’s national soccer team members Allie Long and Megan Rapinoe stepped on an American flag after Long dropped it on the ground as they posed for post-game photos Sunday.

Following their repeat World Cup win in Lyon, France, the team was celebrating on the field and posing for photos when Long dropped the flag she was holding. She and Rapinoe then stepped forward, leaving the flag underfoot. They continued to pose for the cameras as one of their teammates rushed forward to grab the flag

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After the big win, some women from the team performed twerking dances to celebrate.

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A group of anti-Trump Americans were watching the game in France, when the vulgar chant broke out.

Breitbart reported that the American soccer fan who started the “F**k Trump” chant in a French sports bar after the U.S. Women’s National Team won the Women’s World Cup on Sunday, said he is “embarrassed to be American.”

The chant erupted in a sports bar in Lyon, France, where Fox News was broadcasting live after the U.S. team beat the Netherlands 2-0 to win the Women’s World Cup on Sunday.

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