WATCH: Alyssa Milano’s Visit to Migrant Detention Center Backfires on Twitter

Liberal actress-turned-activist Alyssa Milano attempted to visit a detention facility for migrants on Wednesday, filming herself during the event, which did not have the desired results.

Although Milano and her group of activists-in-tow were denied entry, they continued to film while denouncing the detention of migrant children, even using ladders to shout their message into the facility.

At one point, Milano, herself, climbed one of the ladders, stating, “Just so everyone knows, I got up on this ladder and immediately started crying – this is a very, very overwhelming thing to see.”

Many on social media fired back at Milano’s stunt and pointed out her hypocrisy for not speaking out during the Obama era when migrants were also detained.

Dave Dunn asked

Where were you when Obama was putting kids in “cages “ and being investigated for atrocities at the border?

Oh that’s right Trump wasn’t President.

My bad.

Annette wrote

God bless your ignorance and open your 👀 it was going on during Obama’s reign of nothingness