WATCH: Alyssa Milano calls Ted Cruz a “jackass” and claims “he’s been bought by the gun lobbyists”

While appearing on “The View” Alyssa Milano called Texas Senator Ted Cruz a “jackass” and claims “he’s been bought by the gun lobbyists”

“I met with Ted Cruz as a gun violence prevention advocate,” Milano explained. “I thought it was important because I feel like so often we, especially in these divisive times, we villainize people who think differently than we do. We sometimes forget that they’re human. I wanted to tap into his humanity and find common ground. You know, I really believe politics should be about compromise and doing what’s right for, for your constituents, doing what’s right for the American people.”

“So I looked at him in the eye, and I said, you know, how many more children, innocent children have to die by AR-15s before you actually do something?” she asked. “and it was really that moment that I realized that he really is a jackass and just does not care. He’s been completely bought.”

“I feel like he’s been bought by the gun lobbyists. You know part of me feels like, we should make these politicians wear like sponsorship uniforms like NASCAR drivers do, so we can see, you know, where the money is and where their allegiance lies,” she added.