WATCH: Alec Baldwin Calls for Cuomo to Release More Prisoners, Says “I wish everyone good health”

In a new video posted on Twitter, Alec Baldwin calls for governor Andrew Cuomo to release more prisoners amid the pandemic.

Alec Baldwin:

This is an extremely difficult time for New York City, for our state and the entire world. I wish everyone good health. That includes people in prisons, jails, and immigration detention, where social distancing and proper hygiene are simply not possible and countless people are at serious risk of illness and death. This message is for Gov. Andrew Cuomo. As this pandemic spreads, public health and safety, and basic moral decency demand that you use your authority to issue clemency to those most vulnerable in our state prisons & reduce the overall population. Releasing the elders, pregnant women and others who are immunocompromised, as well as anyone with a year of their release dates would show great leadership and that’s what New York needs now.

TCO reported last week, A California inmate released on a court order on zero bail carjacked a victim within 40 minutes and even attempted a second carjacking before being caught by Dublin police.

Alameda County Sheriff tweeted:

Sunday 750a, Rocky Music, arrested in a stolen car by @oaklandpoliceca. Released on court order zero bail at 723p. 37 mins later he walked to Dublin @SFBART and carjacked victim. Then drove to San Ramon and attempted second carjacking. He ran and was caught by @DublinCAPolice K9.

Last month, appearing on MSNBC with Al Sharpton, “squad” member Ayanna Pressley suggested “now would be the time to commute some sentences, to exact clemency and to take care of our most our vulnerable.”

Late March AOC tweeted:

Dozens of people, both workers& the incarcerated, have tested positive for COVID-19 on Rikers.

Many are forcibly cramped into close quarters. They do not have reliable access to soap or sanitizer. This is a humanitarian crisis.

Decarceral action must become an urgent priority.

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