WATCH: Al Sharpton suggests Trump could be going from the White House to Prison

Saturday, during his “Politics Nation” show, Al Sharpton suggested Trump could be going from the White House to Prison.

“Even Russia’s Vladimir Putin has acknowledged Biden as the winner. All those years of ignoring Russian malfeasance, and your pal Vladimir turned on you quickly,” Sharpton said, directing his monologue to Trump directly. “Maybe you can find welcome in Saudi Arabia. You bragged about protecting crown prince Mohammed bin Salman after his lackeys dismembered a journalist with a bone saw. Just be careful what you say or tweet over there. You know what they do to those who speak their minds.”

Offering advice to Trump, Sharpton then said “on balance, it’s probably safest for you to stay in the United States for the foreseeable future, even if you are facing unpardonable legalities and those liabilities across multiple jurisdictions. After all, even in the worst-case scenario you’ll always have the opportunity to move from one public housing location, the White House, to another, prison. Maybe they can get you a jumpsuit to match your spray tan. We’ll be right back.”