WATCH: Al Sharpton Argues Trump, Barr a “threat” to the “very fabric of this country”

Discussing District judge Reggie Walton’s recent claim that Barr misinterpreted Mueller’s report in order to help Trump, Al Sharpton argued that the way President Trump and Barr are operating are a “threat” to the “very fabric of this country.”

Al Sharpton:

I think what is very important about this last judge on this Mueller report, and the open rebuke of Barr is that not only is he a respected judge, he’s a Bush-appointed judge. We need to emphasize he is a Republican president’s appointed judge.

And to come on as strongly as he did, he didn’t leave any room to misinterpret him. I think it is a significant statement.

It really speaks to how Barr has, in a way, helped this president reinterpret what the presidency is all about.

It is a real threat to what we are going to be in this country even if Donald Trump is no longer president after the November election and trying to realign what government is.”

Because if we start normalizing where the attorney general operates as the private attorney to the president, rather than the head of the Justice Department for the people. And a Roy Cohn type of lawyer at that, then we have the whole nation beginning to unravel and reinterpret what is the constitutional premise of how this government is set up.

That’s what’s at stake here. This is bigger than Donald Trump and a distorted Mueller report. We’re talking about speaking to the very fabric of this country.


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