WATCH: AG Barr Cracks a Smile As Ted Cruz Rips Dems’ “Weak Arguments”

AG Barr spent the day testifying before Congress about the Mueller Report.

His testimony comes on the heels of Democrats calling for his impeachment over his handling of the reports release after Mueller sent a letter to the attorney general.

The New York Times reported that Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, wrote a letter in late March to Attorney General William P. Barr objecting to his early description of the Russia investigation’s conclusions that appeared to clear President Trump on possible obstruction of justice, according to the Justice Department and three people with direct knowledge of the communication between the two men.

The letter adds to the growing evidence of a rift between them and is another sign of the anger among the special counsel’s investigatorsabout Mr. Barr’s characterization of their findings, which allowed Mr. Trump to wrongly claim he had been vindicated.

It was unclear what specific objections Mr. Mueller raised in his letter, though a Justice Department spokeswoman said on Tuesday evening that he “expressed a frustration over the lack of context” in Mr. Barr’s presentation of his findings on obstruction of justice.

During the hearing, Senator Ted Cruz destroyed the Demcorats “weak” argument, and this caused AG Barr to crack a smile.

Watch the video: