WATCH: Acosta confronts Yang about going on Tucker Carlson’s show, claims Tucker is “just a bad person”

CNN’s Jim Acosta confronted Andrew Yang about going on Tucker Carlson’s show in an awkward exchange.

“I want to ask you, Andrew, because you’re talking about fixing this system and you’re talking about, you know, bringing in better people into the political process, but I have to ask you about an interview that you did with Tucker Carlson recently,” Acosta said. “It took a bizarre turn when Tucker suddenly brought up the Unabomber. I want to play that and ask you about this on the other side.”

Acosta later said to Yang “I mean, Andrew, I just have to ask, I mean, Tucker Carlson… let’s just say he’s just a bad person. And he represents so much of what is wrong in television news these days. You know this all too well. He spouts off white nationalist talking points. And so why would you even go on his show and why didn’t you go after him when he’s citing the Unabomber? I mean, just crazy stuff.”