WATCH: Acosta accuses Trump of “litany of lies” in “an ugly, ugly finish for this president”

Appearing with Don Lemon and David Axelrod, CNN’s Jim Acosta accused President Trump of a “litany of lies” and accused the President of “combining race-baiting with pandemic denialism at every turn.”

Don Lemon prefaced Acosta by saying Trump is no longer an outsider as he was in 2016 and now is “trying to stay in this election by lying to the public.”

Acosta said “I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re going to be a lot better off counting the number of times the president tells the truth instead of tallying up all his lies. It would be a lot less exhausting.”

He continued “Case in point would be the rally he held in the Phoenix area earlier this evening that we were at. He was talking about how in California they have a mandate that people wear their masks while they eat their dinner. That they take off their mask in between taking bites of their food. That’s obviously false. But it is part of the litany of lies that we’ve seen out on the campaign trail in what is becoming just an ugly, ugly finish for this president.”

Acosta added “He’s combining race-baiting with pandemic denialism at every turn. Speaking of turns, when the president says, we’re rounding the turn, getting close to the end of the pandemic, nothing could be further from the truth.”