WATCH: Accusation against Newsom’s Wife by Rose McGowan totally ignored by liberal media

Appearing on Fox News, California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder tells voters why he should replace Gavin Newsom as governor.

Meanwhile, a “bombshell” accusation by Rose McGowan was totally ignored by liberal media.


Appearing on the Dave Rubin podcast, actress Rose McGowan accused Gavin Newsom’s wife Jennifer of attempting to silence her accusation against disgraced sex predator Harvey Weinstein.

“Jennifer Siebel Newsom, I think that is her name, yes. She called me, and she set up a meeting with me to meet her somewhere in Brentwood, and I actually went and I got very like creeped out and I saw her sitting where I was supposed to meet her, and I looked at her and I turned around and went back into my car and drove away. She wanted to meet me… This is about 6 months before the ‘New York Times’ that I set up broke,” McGowan said.

“And she called me on behalf of a Theranos board member –a longtime lawyer of Hillary and Bill Clinton – and Weinstein – one David Boies. So this woman, I don’t know, some blonde lady name with the last name of the Newsom, cold-calls me, and was like, David Boies wants to know what it would take to make you happy,'” she added.