WATCH: ABC Reporter Suggests Hillary “Really Won, But Still Lost” the 2016 Election

During a interview with Hillary Clinton, ABC reporter Linsey Davis suggested Hillary Clinton “really won, but still lost” the 2016 election.

Davis was likely referring to the popular vote, which Hillary Clinton bested Trump in. However, the popular vote does not determine the winner of Presidential elections, so there is no argument that Hillary Clinton “really won” the 2016 election.

The argument would be similar to a NBA team that lost the championship in game 7 claiming they “really won” because even though they lost in points, they scored the most baskets, but ignoring the fact the the contest of the rules has baskets worth 1, 2, or 3 points.

Linsey Davis:

When you look back, would it have been more easy to handle losing outright than to really won, but still lost?

Hillary Clinton:

That was really tough. It was not only winning by 3 million votes and having all the weird things happen at the end that interfered with my votes but it was also who I lost to. I mean, if I had lost to a normal Republican, someone who I may disagree with on healthcare or climate, but who I didn’t think was out to destroy our government and self-aggrandize himself, his family, his businesses in a really corrupt way. It would have been disappointing but I wouldn’t have worried about my country. I would have slept better.


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