WATCH: Abbott Says Texas Working on Strategies for Re-Opening “Texans are dying to get back to work”

Appearing on “Hannity” Texas Governor Greg Abbott discussed how Texas is working on strategies for opening.

Governor Abbott:

Listen, we want to open. Texans love to work. Texans are dying to get back to work, and we want them to get back to work, but we had to do so in a very safe way so that we don’t regenerate the spread of the coronavirus in the state of Texas.

But we are working on strategies as we speak with medical experts, with business leaders to find the right strategy so that we can unleash our economy. Remember this, Sean — Texas was the number one state in the United States for job creation last year. We’re leading in gross domestic product. Texas is essential for the future of the United States of America economically. America needs Texas to get back to business.

…Here’s the deal, what we’ve learned over the past two months is there are certain strategies that have worked, because there have been some businesses that have been open, while at the same time, we’ve been reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

So we need to learn from these strategies about what worked and allow other businesses to deploy those strategies while we are ensuring that we continue to slow the spread of the coronavirus.


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