WATCH: Abbott says border patrol officers told him Biden policies are empowering Mexican drug cartels

Appearing with Maria Bartiromo, Texas Governor Greg Abbott claimed that border patrol officers have told him that Biden policies are to blame for the migrant surge and also for empowering Mexican drug cartels.

Abbott said “wwo things, Maria. One is the dramatic increase in the influx of people coming across the border. Remember this. As you were kind of pointing out, it’s the Biden open border policies that are inviting even more illegal immigration and actually have created this humanitarian crisis.”

“As you know, I went down to the border this past weekend, and I met with Border Patrol officers. And here’s what they told me. The Border Patrol officers themselves told me that they informed the Biden administration that, because of the policy changes, it was going to lead to this massive surge that we are just now beginning to see, knowing that it’s going to be getting far worse in the coming months,” he continued”

“They also said that the reason for the change, the reason for the increase and the influx is because of the policy change by the Biden administration. More importantly, though, Maria, is this challenge and that is, the Border Patrol officers told me that the Biden administration policies, they are enriching and they are empowering the drug cartels in Mexico, who make money off of the people that they assist in smuggling them into the state of Texas,” he added.