WATCH: 8 Anti-Trump Protesters Blocking Traffic Arrested Outside Rally in Colorado

8 Anti-Trump protesters were arrested in Colorado yesterday for blocking traffic and not following police orders.

TheHill reports the Colorado Springs Police Department said in a statement to KKTV that during the rally, a “large group of people exercised their First Amendment Constitutional Right to peacefully protest. There was a designated free speech zone where people could express their views.”

However, several people “chose instead to take over the roadway and obstruct traffic at the entrance and exit to the arena,” according to the department’s statement.

“The crowd disregarded the orders and a number of people were taken into custody. A total of eight people were arrested and transported to the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center where they were cited and released,” the statement said. Eight of the protesters were arrested on suspicion of failure to desist or disperse.

Daniela Leon, a reporter for Fox21 News, shared a photo of protesters blocking an intersection at the site of the entrance and exit, in addition to footage of police arresting protesters outside the rally.


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