WATCH: 75 Foot NC Confederate monument taken down from Capitol Grounds

A 75 foot tall confederate monument that has stood tall since about 1895 has been removed from Capitol grounds in North Carolina.

ABC7 reports the North Carolina Confederate Monument is being removed from Capitol grounds in Raleigh following Gov. Cooper’s call for all Confederate monuments to be removed from the area.

Crews were on scene to remove the 75-foot monument early Sunday morning and were continuing to work throughout the day.

The soldier atop the monument was removed around 9 a.m. and crews began dismantling the obelisk around 1 p.m.

Around 2 p.m., the first attempt at removing the obelisk was made. The rod drilled into the statue appeared to bend while the crane started to lift the monument.

Work began early Sunday morning as spectators looked on in downtown Raleigh.

Two Confederate monuments, including the Daughters of the Confederacy Monument and the Henry Lawson Wyatt Monument, were removed from the Capitol grounds Saturday morning.

The Monument to North Carolina Women of the Confederacy was dedicated in 1914 and was created to recognize the sacrifices of North Carolina women during the Civil War.

The Henry Lawson Wyatt Monument was dedicated in 1912. Wyatt is purported to be the first Confederate Soldier killed in action.