WATCH: 2020 Candidate Claims 2nd Amendment “Not an Absolute Right”

During a recent interview, Democrat lawmaker and 2020 presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell was pressed by CNN host Jake Tapper regarding his stance on gun control and had some unorthodox answers.

“Isn’t it fair to say, you actually DO want to take away people’s guns?” asked Tapper, to which Swalwell immediately began to tap-dance around the issue, rambling off a list of talking points in preparation for his 2020 run.

“The Second Amendment is not an absolute right,” said Swalwell, adding, “I’m no longer intimidated by the NRA.”

Swalwell went on to propose forcing gun owners to keep their weapons at government-owned ranges or gun clubs, rather than in their own homes, stating, “I want to do what Australia and New Zealand recently did.”

Later, Swalwell admitted he would do away with private insurance, should he be victorious in the upcoming election.