WATCH: 2006 Video Shows Klobuchar Calling for Border Fence, Stopping Illegal Immigration

Unearthed 2006 video shows Democrat Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar calling for a border fence and an end to illegal immigration, similar to President Trump’s policy now.

Klobuchar’s position has now drastically changed to fit the far more progressive view of the modern Democrat party.

Amy Klobuchar:

I do believe that we need more resources at the border and that includes a fence.

What we have now, we have people waiting to come in legally. Thousands of people waiting to come in legally to this country, and we have people coming in illegally. That’s not right. We need to get order at the border.

Per Breitbart, Klobuchar went even further, touting her support for nationwide mandatory E-Verify to open jobs for Americans and prohibit businesses from hiring illegal aliens:

But we also have to stop giving amnesty to companies that are hiring illegal immigrants. Under this administration, the number of prosecutions of companies [hiring illegal immigrants] has gone way down. That has to change. [Emphasis added]

Today, Klobuchar has dropped all support for physical barriers along the southern border to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking, vowing on her campaign website to rescind all border wall funding that Trump has secured in recent months and end the national emergency declaration at the border.

“Stop the diversion of funds needed to modernize our military bases from being used for the border wall,” Klobuchar touts, continuing that she “will rescind President Trump’s national emergency declaration and return funding for its intended purpose.”

On mandatory E-Verify, Klobuchar has said explicitly that she will not support such a policy unless it is coupled with an amnesty for the majority of the 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living across the U.S.