WATCH: 100k+ Indian Citizens Dance to “Macho Man” in Anticipation of Trump

A CNN report of Trump in India captured over a hundred thousand Indian citizens in a jovial mood, wearing “Namaste Trump” hats and dancing to the Village people’s hit “Macho Man” in anticipation of President Trump’s arrival.

DailyCaller reports CNN captured hundreds of thousands of Indian citizens dancing along to the song “Macho Man” by Village People ahead of President Donald Trump’s rally Monday at Sardar Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad, India.

People in the packed stadium, holding an estimated 100,000 to 125,000 people, could be seen dancing along to “Macho Man” and cheering as CNN senior international correspondent Sam Kiley reported live at the rally.

The crowd was filled with Indian citizens donning white “Namaste Trump” hats.

“Incredible pictures there. I mean, there is absolutely no way the president would be upset by all the optics of this. He’ll [Trump] be able to go home after just this very short trip with all that he arrived in India to do,” CNN International news anchor Rosemary Church said as Kiley reported over sounds of the boisterous crowd.

Throughout CNN’s coverage of the event, the stadium could be heard and seen playing various classic American songs, with citizens dancing along as they waited for Trump. The rally in India was his largest ever.


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