Warren’s Campaign in Crisis After Poor Showings in Iowa and New Hampshire

After a disappointing showing in Iowa, once promising 2020 candidate followed it up with an ever bigger dud in New Hampshire, finishing in 4th place behind Amy Klobuchar and barely ahead of Joe Biden.

Warren will get zero delegates.

Warren’s chances of winning the nomination are now so incredibly dim that the PredictIt betting markets put her as the 7th most likely person to win the nomination.

Ahead of her, is Hillary Clinton, who is not even running.

FiveThirtyEight’s model is also dismal for Warren.

Slate reports Elizabeth Warren’s presidential hopes are looking dim. After a third-place finish at the Iowa caucuses, she is heading for a distant fourth in New Hampshire, with less than 10 percent of the vote.

Her progressive rival Bernie Sanders is leading the Democratic primary, and appears to be consolidating support from the party’s left wing. Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar are winning over college-educated women, cutting away another key part of Warren’s base.

In a speech Tuesday night, the senator from Massachusetts seemed to assure supporters that she wouldn’t drop out any time soon. “We might be heading for one of those long primary fights that last for months. We’re two states in,” Warren said. But it’s unclear how, exactly, she could make a comeback at this point.

Per DailyBeast, following her loss on Tuesday evening in what was essentially a home game for the Massachusetts senator, and as she continues to trail the frontrunners in South Carolina polling, plugged-in primary watchers told The Daily Beast that Warren has one last card to play: the caucus state of Nevada.

“If she can even make it here, that is,” a Nevada-based official for a rival campaign said.