Warren Tops CBS Poll of Who Dem Voters Think “Biden Should Pick for VP”

A new CBS poll of Democratic voters finds Elizabeth Warren topping both who Biden should consider for VP and who Biden should pick for VP.

71% polled answered Biden should consider Warren, vs. 59% for Kamala Harris, 50% for Stacey Abrams and 49% for Amy Klobuchar.

In who Biden should pick, Warren garnered 36% compared to 19% for Kamala Harris,14% for Stacey Abrams and 13% for Amy Klobuchar.

Yahoo reports Warren is the top pick among white Democrats and liberals by large margins. Warren is among the top picks for black Democrats too, but they are more evenly split between Warren, Abrams and Harris. Warren is also among the top with moderate Democrats, for whom the top three picks are Warren, Klobuchar and Harris.

But familiarity is a big factor here, as three of the women who just ran for president are at or near the top of voters’ lists. More Democrats express an opinion about Warren, Harris, and Klobuchar than they do about any of the others. And they get far higher consideration numbers along with that; there’s a strong correlation between the two.

Aside from the former presidential candidates, Democrats are more aware of Stacey Abrams — whose 2018 gubernatorial campaign in Georgia drew national attention — than of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who has been in the news lately during the virus outbreak. Whitmer and the other women tested remain unfamiliar to many Democrats: between half and three quarters said they haven’t yet heard enough about them yet to say if they should be on the consideration list. All the names tested here were those of women.

Warren does very well among those who say economic expertise is a key criteria. She is especially appealing to Democrats who say Biden should pick a liberal or progressive, but even among those who would prefer a moderate running mate, most put her on the list.

Harris elicits as much consideration from white Democrats as she does from black Democrats. She also does better among those who prioritize a pick who motivates Democratic turnout than she does overall.

Abrams gets stronger consideration ratings from black Democrats than white Democrats and much higher consideration from liberal Democrats than moderates. Klobuchar is on the list of more older Democrats than younger ones, and somewhat more for white Democrats than black Democrats.