Warren Says She “Cannot Think of a Worse Person” to Lead Coronavirus Response than Pence

Appearing on MSNBC, struggling 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren sounded off on President Trump assigning Vice President Pence to lead the coronavirus response with scorn.

Warren declared “He’s actually the one guy around who has experience in dealing with a virus that gets out of control, only he’s the guy who went in exactly the wrong direction…I cannot think of a worse person to put in charge of dealing with the coronavirus.”


SFGate reports Vice President Mike Pence said Friday that the federal government is prepared to assist the states if the coronavirus spreads significantly across the country — an eventuality he called unlikely.

Pence told a brief press conference in Florida that as a former Indiana governor he understands the need for state and federal partnerships in dealing with a potential health crisis. President Donald Trump appointed Pence on Wednesday to oversee the administration’s response to the coronavirus.

Pence was in Florida to speak to a conservative political group and raise money for Republican congressional campaigns, but also met with GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis and his health staff at Palm Beach International Airport before speaking with reporters.

“We are going to make sure that states like Florida and your local governments have the resources to prepare for any eventuality and in the event that this virus spreads more broadly that the states will be compensated for their efforts,” said Pence, who promised to work across party lines. He did not take questions.