WATCH: Warren Proposes $7 Billion Fund to Help Entrepreneurs of Latino and Black Descent Only

During yesterday evening’s debate, Elizabeth Warren proposed a policy some are calling “racist.”

Her proposal was to create a $7 billion dollar fund to help Latino and Black Entrepreneurs.

White or Asian entrepreneurs need not apply since they are apparently not eligible since they aren’t part of the “entrepreneur gap” Warren wants to close.

Western Journal reports in the middle of a discussion on the economy at the Democratic presidential primary debate in Las Vegas on Thursday, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren proposed a policy that could be described as outright racist.

The progressive senator has prided herself on “having a plan for that” during her presidential run, but her latest idea could be among her worst yet.

Warren began her remarks by speaking of a perceived “entrepreneurship” gap between white people and minorities.

“We have an entrepreneur gap in America, and that is a gap between white entrepreneurs and black and Latino entrepreneurs. And the principal reason for this is they don’t have the money for equity to get the business started,” she said.

“It’s about a $7 billion gap. We want to have real entrepreneurship and a level playing field,” Warren continued.

“I have a plan to put the $7 billion in, to have the fund managed by the people who are routinely cut out. It can’t just be about taxes, we need to make an investment to level the playing field.”

One Twitter user replied “Giving money to people based on their race or ethnicity sounds vaguely unconstitutional. #JustSaying”