Warren Lands Endorsement of Iowa’s Most Influential Newspaper

While Warren has been going downhill in the polls for several months now, she has recently landed some high profile endorsements from news publications.

Last we she was endorsed by the NY Times, in a bizarre announcement that also had the NY Times endorsing Senator Amy Klobuchar at the same time.

Warren now has the sole endorsement of the Des Moines Register, widely considered the most influential publication in Iowa.

Warren is trailing Biden and Sanders in recent Iowa polls.

Yahoo reports the Des Moines Register newspaper endorsed Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren in the crowded race for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination late on Saturday, a coveted show of support that could boost her campaign in the state’s first-in-the-nation caucus on Feb. 3.

Iowa’s caucuses are the first nominating contests in presidential election cycles, giving the largely rural, Midwestern state an outsized role in choosing standard-bearers from each party.

“I just heard about it and I’m delighted,” Warren told supporters after an event in Muscatine, Iowa. “It really means a lot to me.”

Warren, the Register’s choice, is a progressive who backs a single-payer healthcare system and reforms throughout the nation’s economic, political and criminal justice systems.

In its endorsement, the newspaper said Warren would “push an unequal America in the right direction.”

But the Register’s editorial board went on to insist that Warren, viewed by some as too far left, is no radical.

“The senior U.S. senator from Massachusetts is not the radical some perceive her to be,” the newspaper said. “She was a registered Republican until 1996. She is a capitalist.”