Warren Flunks Multiple Fact Checks After Dem Debate

Elizabeth Warren made multiple claims during last night’s Democrat party debate that have flunked fact checks.

Per AP, Sen. Elizabeth Warren said that the “principal reason” for losing jobs has been bad trade policy.

Economists mostly blame those job losses on automation and robots, not trade deals.


ELIZABETH WARREN: “The data show that we’ve had a lot of problems with losing jobs, but the principal reason has been bad trade policy. The principal reason has been a bunch of corporations, giant multinational corporations who’ve been calling the shots on trade.”

THE FACTS: Economists mostly blame those job losses on automation and robots, not trade deals.

So the Massachusetts senator is off.

Let’s start by acknowledging that the U.S. economy has been adding jobs, just that the nature of those jobs has changed as factory work and other occupations have become less prevalent.

Breitbart news reports Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) – in making the case for the impeachment inquiry against President Trump – falsely claimed on Tuesday that the Mueller report showed that the president obstructed justice, despite that the former special counsel made no such determination.

The CNN/New York Times debate opened with a question on impeachment, and Warren said her call for an impeachment inquiry began with the results from the Mueller report, which showed no evidence of collusion or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.

She said she read the entire Mueller report and added, “When I got to the end, I realized that Mueller had shown to a fare-thee-well that this president had obstructed justice and had done it repeatedly.”

“At that moment, I called for an impeachment inquiry. Now that didn’t happen, and look what happened as a result,” Warren continued, accusing Trump of breaking the law in the summer and the fall:

Donald Trump broke the law again in the summer. Broke it again this fall. You know we took a Constitutional oath, and that is that no one is above the law, and that includes the President of the United States. Impeachment is the way we establish that this man will not be permitted to break the law over and over without consequences.

However, Mueller made no such determination on obstruction of justice. He made that point clear during his testimony before lawmakers in July.

As Breitbart News reported:

His correction came during his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, in reference to comments he made at an earlier hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee to Lieu.

Lieu asked him, “I’d like to ask you, the reason again, that you did not indict Donald Trump is because of OLC opinion stating that you cannot indict a sitting president, correct?”

Mueller responded, “That is correct.”

After Mueller’s response, Democrats latched on to his comment as evidence that Trump was guilty of obstruction of justice and that Mueller would have charged him if it were not a Justice Department legal office opinion.

Mueller corrected the record after the fact, reiterating that he did not make a determination on obstruction of justice:

AP also took issue with Warren’s claim that Buttigieg’s Medicare buy-in option is “Medicare for all who can afford it.”

WARREN: Buttigieg’s Medicare buy-in option is “Medicare for all who can afford it.”

THE FACTS: Warren ignored the fact that Buttigieg would provide subsidies to help people pay premiums for the plan.

She was jabbing at Buttigieg’s proposal to create an optional health insurance plan based on Medicare. Individual Americans could join it, even those covered by employer plans.

Buttigieg calls it “Medicare for all who want it.”

His plan tracks with former Vice President Joe Biden’s health care proposal . Biden would also provide subsidies for those who pick his “public option.”

Details are unclear on who would get financial assistance, and how much that would be. But Buttigieg and Biden have said they want to provide help to a broader cross section of Americans than are currently helped by the Affordable Care Act.

This article was written by the staff of TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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