Warren calls Trump a “danger to Democracy”

Thursday, responding to Facebook Oversight board’s decision, former 2020 Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren called Trump a “danger to democracy” during an interview with Wapo.

“I am much happier with Donald Trump off the air, off Facebook. I don’t like having to get up every morning and go through what he’s done. I think he poses a lot of risk,” Warren said.

“Indeed, he is now forcing, evidently, everybody else in the Republican Party to agree to say the lie out loud. He spreads misinformation. He is truly a danger to our democracy,” she added.

Warren has also called for the breaking up of Facebook and other big tech companies.

“I see this and think about the amount of power that Facebook has,” Warren said, noting that Facebook internally refers to its independent Oversight Board, which upheld its Trump decision, as the “Supreme Court.”

“Does that tell you how much power they see themselves as having? More power than government. Last I saw, nobody did advise and consent, nobody nominated those people other than Mark Zuckerberg. This is a reminder for me about two reasons that we need to break up Big Tech, including Facebook,” Warren continued.