Warren Discloses She Made $1.9 Million from Corporate and Financial Legal Work

Under pressure from the Buttigieg campaign, Elizabeth Warren disclosed details about $1.9 million she received for private legal work dating back to 1987.

Some conservatives accused Warren of hypocrisy.

Liberal writer Alexis Goldstein argued the media reaction is overblown considering it was earned over 30 years.


Politico reports Elizabeth Warren — under pressure from rival Pete Buttigieg to reveal her past compensation from corporate clients — announced Sunday that she’s received $1.9 million from private legal work since 1986.

The Massachusetts senator and former Harvard professor made the disclosure amid a tit-for-tat with Buttigieg over previous career assignments: Her legal representation of corporations, and his work at the corporate consulting firm McKinsey. Vying for pole position in Iowa, Warren and Buttitieg have sought to put one another on defense by suggesting the other had something to hide.

“We must nominate a candidate who can create the most robust possible contrast against Republicans on conflicts of interest and corruption issues,” campaign spokesperson Kristen Orthman said in a statement.

Buttigieg’s campaign has been calling on Warren to release her tax returns from before 2008, when she did private legal work for some large corporations similar to the ones she now rails against. The Warren campaign is not releasing her tax returns from 1986 onward, arguing that providing over three decades of tax returns after she already released 11 years’ worth is an unreasonable standard that other candidates are not being held to.

Her campaign also argued that the breakdown of earnings by client she’s providing is more specific than her tax returns would have included.