Wapo touts the “stamina and creativity” of Portland Antifa protesters in glowing portrayal

After publishing a bizarre photo gallery of Antifa members in Portland in a highly sympathetic and even glowing portrayal, the Washington Post has been accused of “sounding like Antifa’s publicist.”

MRC’s Kristine Marsh writes “Antifa sympathizers in the media whitewashed the left-wing group’s violence yet again this past weekend, gifting them with a glossy photo essay in The Washington Post.”

She adds  “The Post reporter of course downplayed the violent methods as just ‘vandalism’ of course, before cheering on their ‘stamina and creativity. The paper featured large photos of Antifa protesters… you know average Americans just like you and me. Just decked out in gas masks and black bloc, like you know, average Americans wear to ‘protests.’”

From Wapo’s piece on Antifa:

For weeks, demonstrators directed their anger at the federal courthouse, where they broke windows and tagged the building with bright paint. The vandalism drew the attention of Trump, who sent in federal agents.

But he didn’t account for the stamina and creativity of Portland protesters. By the time federal agents packed into the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse in early July, the crowds were ready with helmets, respirators and goggles to mitigate the worst effects of crowd-control munitions. Many donned the all-black uniform known as “black bloc” meant to anonymize its wearers. An elaborate network of aid stations and volunteers provided free food, water, gear and medical help.

In Portland, it’s not just the usual suspects who take to the streets. Moms in yellow shirts and bike helmets folded sunflowers into the iron fence around the federal courthouse. Teachers made signs likening Trump to tyrants and dictators of the past. Military veterans waved flags hung upside down to signal distress and strapped on gas masks and respirators to stare down the front line of federal troops.


On a recent night, a middle school teacher wearing a Mighty Mouse T-shirt, rainbow-striped leggings and a cloth face mask adorned with cherries nodded brightly as she declared, “Oh yes, I’m an anarchist.”

City officials and soccer moms alike readily admit to being “antifa” — an abbreviation for anti-fascist that many conservatives and far-right groups have decried as violent, left-wing extremists prone to looting and fire-setting.

Meanwhile, daily, reporter Andy Ngo, who was brutally attacked by Antifa himself and left injured for days, shares daily the horrors these “protesters” commit.

It’s not just “vandalism” it’s arson, assault, and much much more.