Wapo Responds to Backlash Over Calling Baghdadi a “Religious Scholar” in Obituary Headline

The Washington Post sparked mass outrage from both the left and right Sunday when they changed their headline on their Al-Baghdadi obituary from “Islamic State’s terrorist-in-Chief” to “austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State.”

After intense backlash, Wapo then changed the title a third time, calling Baghdadi an “extremist leader.”


Kristiane Coratti Kelly, Vice President of Communications for Wapo responded to the backlash by issuing this statement:

Regarding our al-Baghdadi obituary, the headline should never have read that way and we changed it quickly.

However, many were not satisfied with the explanation.

Mike Cernovich responded to Kelly, writing:

No way is this “enough.” The Washington Post published pro-ISIS propaganda. That headline will be used to recruit new members of ISIS.

Who was responsible for this pro-ISIS propaganda?

Another Twitter user wrote:

The very first headline called as ‘terrorist-in-chief’.It was DELIBERATELY CHANGED to ‘austere religious scholar’. After backlash you changed it to ‘extremist leader’.

Who forced you to change the very 1st headline @kriscoratti ? What kind of terrorists are you hiring?

Hassan Martini wrote very succinctly “Someone should lose their job.”

Emerald Robinson wrote “Delete your account.”

Another Twitter user responded “Better yet, shut down the Post.”

One Twitter user photoshopped Wapo’s tagline “Democracy Dies in the Darkness” and changed it to “Journalism Dies in Darkness.”

Many parodied Wapo’s sympathetic and moving portrayal.

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer a quiet, shy guy who loved to eat fresh meat died a sudden and shocking death today at 34 years young.

Mary Cerimele wrote “Dang, girl, this is a genuine clusterf and the passive voice backpedal isn’t helping. That headline didn’t write itself.”

This article was written by the staff of TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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