Wapo Op-Ed calls for Congress to stop Trump from having a Presidential Library

A Washington Post Op-Ed is calling for former President Trump to “never have” a Presidential library, a tradition..

Art and architecture critic Phillip Kennicott begins by acknowledging that Trump will indeed have an official portrait in the official portrait gallery.

He also acknowledges in states where he remains popular, he could have airports, bridges and schools named for him.

Kennicott then says “but Trump must never have an official presidential library, and Congress should move quickly to make sure he never will.”

His more specific advice is “Congress should use this moment to reconsider the legislation that helped create and shape the presidential libraries now administered by the National Archives, not just to prevent Trump from perpetrating one last, giant grift, but to reform the system so it serves the country better. This is long overdue, and would need to be done even if Trump weren’t trying to raise $2 billion for a Trump center.”