Wapo Journalist “Punishing Vindman for his testimony is itself an impeachable offense”

Radley Balko an Opinion journalist for the Washington Post believes President Trump may have committed an impeachable offense if he punished Vindman for his testimony.

Balko tweeted:

Punishing Vindman for his testimony is itself an impeachable offense. It’s both retribution for telling the truth and a clear threat to anyone else who might contemplate testifying against Trump or filing a whistleblower complaint.

Balko later added:

Loyalty to a spouse or a friend is a virtue. Loyalty in politics is a vice.


Swampy: Testifying about abuse of power.

Not Swampy: Forcing Secret Service agents to stay at your hotels, then charging taxpayers $600/night.

Some followers of Balko responded that they felt he was right but did not sound very optimistic Trump would face any negative consequences.

In all honesty, so what?

There are no actual rules at this point.

There are definitely no consequences.

Yes. But @SenateGOP have shown they are cowards and will do nothing about it.

Do we have to go through this again? Everything is an impeachable offense. Partisans just don’t seem to ever care if it’s their guy.

Nothing is impeachable anymore

Nothing matters. He can shoot someone on 5th avenue, saith his party.

This article first appeared on TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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