Wapo headline claims Biden “wins praise” with “low-key approach to storm”

A Wapo story by Cleve Wootston and Eva Ruth Moravec is titled “Biden’s low-key approach to storm wins praise but courts risks.”

The piece states:

As the Biden administration faces its first natural disaster, the president himself is taking a notably low-key approach. He has not visited the stricken region or delivered prime-time remarks; he did not mention the disaster at a recent town hall; and he is studiously avoiding the controversy over whether wind energy or fossil fuels are to blame for widespread power failures.

The report adds:

It’s a marked contrast to former president Donald Trump’s habit of making himself the often-hostile center of attention during natural disasters. He famously tossed paper towels to hurricane victims, excoriated Californians for “gross mismanagement” of forests and called Puerto Rican leaders “corrupt and incompetent” for their handling of aid money.

Wapo, however does acknowledge “while Biden has won praise for his quieter, more businesslike approach, he is also running the risk that he — and the federal government — can appear almost absent.”

Biden tweeted Saturday “the federal government has sent generators, blankets, water, and other critical supplies to Texas, but local organizations on the ground need help.”