Wapo Editorial Board Heaps Praise on Northam, Claims He’s Made “Quite a Comeback”

In a new article titled “How Ralph Northam came back from the political dead” the Washington Post Editorial board heaps praise on the governor that was embroiled in a “blackface” scandal earlier in the year.

Northam is currently working to enforce much stricter gun control laws, despite many Virginia counties revolting and declaring themselves “second amendment sanctuaries.”

Wapo columnist Karen Tumulty even went so far as to say “We were wrong” for calling for Northam to resign, tweeting:

Back when a racist photo first surfaced in his medical school yearbook, most Va lawmakers, our editorial page (and yours truly) said ⁦@GovernorVA⁩ should resign. We were wrong.

In the editorial, Wapo praises Northam for “quite a comeback” writing:

This month, in Mr. Northam’s first biennial budget, he proposed an array of programs that would help less affluent and minority communities, including offering free community college to low- and moderate-income students, expanding prekindergarten for at-risk and disadvantaged children, and boosting funds to reduce maternal mortality among women of color.

Throughout, Mr. Northam, a self-effacing pediatric neurologist, has expressed remorse and projected what many Virginians regard as genuine humility. “I’ve had to confront some painful truths,” he said in August at an event commemorating the arrival 400 years ago of the first African slaves in North America, where Hampton, Va., is today. “Among those truths was my own incomplete understanding involving race and equity.”

That speech earned Mr. Northam a standing ovation from a crowd that was heavily African American. Quite a comeback, and a hard-earned one, for a governor who could scarcely show his face in public in February.

This article first appeared on TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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