Wapo Blasted for Calling Slain ISIS Leader “Austere Religious Scholar” in Obituary Title

The Washington post was nearly universally blasted by social media users on the left and right after their obituary calling Al Baghdadi a “austere religious scholar” in their obituary title that changed 3 times.

Elizabeth Harrington tweeted:

WaPo’s actual obit for a terrorist monster:

“austere religious scholar w/ wire-frame glasses”

“Mr. Baghdadi maintained a canny pragmatism”

“Acquaintances would remember him as a shy, nearsighted youth who liked soccer but preferred to spend his free time at the local mosque”

Sean Spicer tweeted:

Stop, read this & think about it: last night a ruthless, brutal terrorist who threatened our country & is responsible for the death of American citizens was killed in a successful operation by US military & @washingtonpost described as an “austere religious scholar”

Yashar Ali tweeted:

They had it right the first time.

The Washington Post changed the headline on its Al-Baghdadi obituary from “Islamic State’s terrorist-in-Chief” to “austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State.”

This is shocking, Washington Post. Terrorist, Murderer, Rapist who presided over genocide, mass killings, torture, conversion over years is an ‘austere religious scholar’ for you? People won’t forget this headline for years. Looks like WaPo lost a loved one.

This is an absurd article that reads like The Onion. Washington Post describes the world’s most wanted terrorist as an “austere religious scholar at the helm of Islamic State.”

The world has lost an austere religious scholar. Thank you, @WashingtonPost.

After mass mockery, the title of the obituary written by Joby Warrick changed a third time to “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, extremist leader of Islamic State, dies at 48.”

Many responded to Warrick voicing their displeasure at the sympathetic portrayal in the obituary.



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