“Wall of Moms” Claim Asian Journalist Who was Assaulted by Antifa “is the Racist”

The “Wall of Moms” org is claiming that Asian Journalist Andy Ngo, who was brutally assaulted in the past by Antifa “is the racist.”

Andy Ngo wrote Thursday:

The “Wall of Moms” account tweeted this. Their lies are indistinguishable from antifa. They’re rallying support for Alex Zielinski, the far-left writer who published antifa counter-intel about my exact whereabouts. This resulted in me getting assaulted.

Andy Ngo was brutally assaulted by Antifa members last year.


Ngo also tweeted:

I went on @FoxBusiness & spoke with @Varneyco about the #antifa & BLM street violence occurring in Portland for two months now. The weapons I see people bringing & using vary from lasers to bats to guns to bombs. Their goal is to burn & kill