VP Harris accused of “disgusting and disrespectful” Memorial Day Weekend Tweet

Vice President Harris was accused of being disrespectful after she tweeted “Enjoy the long weekend” Saturday with no reference to Memorial Day.

“Disgusting and disrespectful” Rep. Anthony Sabatini wrote.

Marine Veteran Paul Szoldra replied “Real misfire here. It is a long weekend. It’s also Memorial Day weekend, which means far more that our government officials should acknowledge: a time to remember and honor the millions of Americans who lost their lives in our nation’s defense.”

He added in a follow-up tweet “I have people replying that I’m “nitpicking.” Nope. Just pointing out the meaning of this holiday that is missed in this tweet by @VP.”

Marine Veteran Joey Jones tweeted “hey @KamalaHarris my buddies wanted me to post our selfie to tell you to “enjoy the long weekend” too!”

Kurt Schlichter responded “I’m sure they would if they could” along with a photo of fallen war heroes.


Code of Vets wrote “It is Memorial Day weekend. This weekend is our time as a nation to honor our Fallen. It is our dedicated time to reflect on our war fighters, those who paid the ultimate price for our Freedom.”