VP Debate Moderator Susan Page is the Author of a Biography of Pelosi

Wednesday’s VP Debate Moderator, Susan Page, is the author of a biography of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi set to be released in April of 2021.

Prior to the recently concluded VP debate, Trump supporter Robby Starbuck tweeted “Don’t expect much fairness from the moderator of tonight’s VP debate, Susan Page. She literally just wrote Nancy Pelosi’s biography “Madam Speaker”. You can’t make this stuff up.

Discussing the biography, Susan Page reportedly said “Nancy Pelosi has been in the history books since she became the first woman House speaker in 2007, of course, the highest-ranking woman in American history.”

She added “What that may miss is that she would be in the history books anyway, as the most consequential speaker in modern times, since the legendary Sam Rayburn.”

During the debate Starbuck tweeted “Notice how Susan Page jumped in right when VP Pence wanted to bring up Kamala’s record as a prosecutor? She’s working to protect Kamala tonight but despite her efforts, Mike Pence is winning the #VPDebate.”

According to Amazon, this title will be released on April 6, 2021.

The book is on pre-sale at Amazon and the description refers to Pelosi as “the most powerful woman in American political history.”

One Twitter user replied to Starbuck “So what? Have you read it? She also wrote a book about Barbara Bush. Do your homework.”

Starbuck replied “Are you watching? She’s been protecting Kamala all night.”

Lisa Dunn wrote “She also wrote a biography of Barbara Bush. She happens to be a highly-respected, top-notch journalist. I worked with her @drshow and know she’ll be extremely fair and will do an amazing job.”

John Cardillo responded to Starbuck and added “Yet the GOP and WH keep agreeing to these people. Whomever is doing that on our side needs to be let go.”