VIDEO: “Mini AOC” Endorses Bernie Sanders in New Spoof Video

The pint sized powerhouse “Mini AOC” is back with a new spoof.

From the Mini AOC YouTube channel:

Check out my new video endorsing Bernie Sanders for President. If this video doesn’t convince you that Bernie is the best person to take half of your hard-earned money and promise it to other people in exchange for their votes then nothing will. Did you know that? #MALA #AOC #DonaldTrump

And for more fun:

Buy the new AOC doll at a Toys “R” Us near you! No, buy it at Amazon! Not available in my district! Act now and the first 100 callers will receive the Green New Deal for free! (Just pay $93 trillion in shipping and handling). Shouldn’t a socialist doll be free anyway?

The top comments are all very positive.

A GoFundMe is currently raising money for an actual AOC action figure.

You can read more about that here. 

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