Virginia judge sets path for Northam’s order to remove historic Robert E. Lee statue

A Virginia judge has ruled that governor Ralph Northam’s order to remove a 13 ton statue of Robert E. Lee can be enforced, but barred action pending an appeal.

The massive 21 foot statue that sits on a 40+ foot pedestal has been at the capital’s Monument Avenue since 1890.

Northam praised the decision saying in a statement “The Lee monument was built to celebrate the Confederacy and uphold white supremacy.”

He added “This victory moves Virginia forward in removing this relic of the past—one that was erected for all the wrong reasons.”

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring also celebrated the decision.

He tweeted ” We WON the Lee statue case after a judge found that it was raised against a backdrop of white supremacy and that it is against public policy to keep it up. The ruling is *stayed* pending appeal, but this is a HUGE win and we’re on the path to bringing down this relic”

A June report from NBC discussed Northam’s efforts to remove the statue.