Virginia Democrat State Senator charged with Election Day Violations from 2019

Virginia Democratic State Senator Joe Morrissey has been charged with violating polling site regulations on Election Day in 2019.

He has been charged with three class one misdemeanors for his alleged actions.

According to WTVR “Morrissey is accused by Virginia State Police of violating Virginia code related to polling locations when he ran for office and won the race for his current seat. Video and pictures taken by someone at the Powhatan Community Center showed Morrissey interacting with voters and election officials inside the polling place on Nov. 5, 2019.”

The report adds that “according to that person and the criminal complaint related to this case, Morrissey was inside handing out donuts, thanking people for their support and inviting people to his watch party.”

Officials also say Morrissey allegedly took photos with staff for about 15 minutes, which kept the complainant and others from being able to cast a ballot.

The Democrat has maintained he doesn’t believe what he did was in violation of Virginia code.