VIRAL: Young Students Stop Playing to Stand for National Anthem

A truly touching moment occurred on a playground in New Jersey and it’s going viral.

NBC 14 reported that North Gibson School Corporation shared the photo of about eight Princeton Community Primary School students.

The post says the children were playing during the after school program but stopped without being asked.

The reason? The Star Spangled Banner started playing at the softball game nearby.

The students covered their hearts to show respect until the song was over.

From American Mirror

The concept of respecting America and the men and women who fight to protect freedom and liberty for all is something many folks are struggling with, from professional athletes and celebrities kneeling during the national anthem to protest the police to left-wing radicals who get their kicks burning Old Glory.

But for others, it’s something that just goes without saying, an innate respect that has nothing to do with politics or race or anything else.

Several students at Indiana’s Princeton Community Primary School set the example when they heard The Star Spangled Banner before a recent girl’s softball game, and it didn’t go unnoticed.

“What a great picture of some of our students at our after school program!” the North Gibson School Corporation posted to Facebook, along with a picture of at least five young boys standing at attention, hands over their hearts.

“They stopped playing without being asked to pay their respects as The Star Spangled Banner played at the softball game. Good luck to the Lady Tigers! #ProudToBeATiger”

WFIE also picked up the image and shared it online.

“The students covered their hearts to show respect until the song was over,” according to the news site. “If you are curious about the game, Wood Memorial won over the Lady Tigers, 17-5.”

Regardless of the loss, folks who commented online are calling it a win.

“I took this picture and I can’t say how much this touched my heart,” Angela Mascon-Turpin posted to Facebook.

“At least some are brought up right,” Rick Morris added.

“Parents raising their children with love and respect of country!” Sandy Mahady wrote.