Viral Nodding Trump Supporter who Infuriated Trump Critics Speaks Out

Mayra Joli, the woman who went viral at President Trump’s NBC town hall for nodding in support spoke out for the first time appearing on “Hannity.”

Joli’s support for Trump infuriated many Democrat Trump critics.

Sarah Cooper wrote “A parody of Taken about a black woman who follows Trump around nodding at everything he says. It’s called… Token”

Cooper also wrote “This woman is nodding at things before he’s even finished his thought. It’s a psychological trick and I cannot believe no producer, no camera person, NO ONE is stopping it”

Katie Couric wrote “I’m channel surfing. The woman to @realDonaldTrump ‘s right keeps nodding her head which I find very distracting.”

Tom Nichols demanded she be identified, tweeting “Journalists, if you don’t find out who that woman is nodding behind Trump at an “undecided” voter town hall, then I don’t know what you’re getting paid for”