Viral “Imma Stab You” TikToker says she’s been fired by Deloitte

Claira Janover, a TikToker who gained internet fame when a video of her threatening to “stab” people who say “all lives matter” went viral, announced on Twitter she has been fired by Deloitte.

Janover wrote:

Deloitte just fired me after my tiktoks standing up for #BlackLivesMatter were posted by popular trump twitter accts.

Despite its stance against racism the online slander campain of violence and scare tactics towards me were too powerful for the company.

know, I’m still standing

One Twitter user shared a video from TikTok of a teary Janover telling her side of the story.



In her controversial video that has gone viral with over 2 million views on Twitter, Janover tells people who say “all lives matter” that “I’mma stab you.”

Claria Janover:

The next person who has the sheer nerve, the sheer entitled caucasity to say “all lives matter” … I’mma stab you. I’mma stab you..and while you’re struggling and bleeding out. I’m gonna show you my paper cut and say, my cut matter too. 

Some expressed their support for Janover.

Caleb King wrote:

I am starting at @DeloitteUS in September as a Business Analyst in the same sector that @clurajan was supposed to start at. If getting fired for advocating for Black Lives Matter is a fireable offense, then #firemetoo.

Another Twitter user wrote:

look at this queen. she is soooooooooooooo beautiful, and trump supporyers are jump mad that they cant be this hot. she really did drop her crown. #ClairaJanover

Rachel wrote:

Lmao repubs are beserk MAD at this queen speaking nothing but facts. It’s hard when you have to look in the mirror huh.