Vindman says he now identifies as a “Never Trumper” in New Interview

In a new interview with Lester Holt impeachment witness Alexander Vindman says he now identifies as a “Never Trumper.”

Vindman told Holt “I joined the president’s team. I joined this administration, well into this administration, with the hopes of being able to do my job, with the hopes of being able to advance national security interests I could say I’m now a Never Trumper. I was not a Never Trumper before. I was non-partisan.”

He continues “Regardless of the administration, I would just do the best that I could to advance national security interests, but I think as the president attacked and politicized me directly, in taking a sober view of where this president is taking this country, the divisions, the catering to our adversaries, the undermining of our national security interests that I’m absolutely a Never Trumper.”

Earlier today, the Trump War Room wrote “FLASHBACK: Alexander Vindman incorrectly claimed in his prepared testimony that he was “the principal adviser to the National Security Advisor and the President on Ukraine.” He was forced to correct that under questioning.”