VIDEOS: Riot Declared in Portland After Protesters Target Mayor’s Property for Destruction

Yet another night of destruction and chaos took place in Portland Monday night. Protesters specifically targeted the property of Mayor Ted Wheeler and a riot was declared after fires were set and businesses were broken into.

“Rioters set more business property on fire in downtown Portland”

“Portland Police declare a riot after #antifa rioters break into a dentist office near @tedwheeler’s condo & set it on fire. Police finally rush in & make arrests. #PortlandRiots”

“Using bats, antifa black bloc rioters are smashing up property around @tedwheeler’s Portland condo. There have been no police at all tonight per Wheeler’s directive of “deescalation.” #PortlandRiots #antifa

Antifa rioters have grown the fire outside @tedwheeler’s condo in NW Portland. There is black smoke everywhere on the street. Meanwhile, they are still shining lights into people’s homes. #PortlandRiots

Watch: Portland Police chase down fleeing #antifa rioters. One gets tackled to the ground and punched in the face. #PortlandRiots

Earlier in the night in Portland, antifa rioters calmly smashed up a random business to protest police & @tedwheeler. They stole furniture from inside to use as tinder for their fire. They then set the office’s lobby on fire. #PortlandsRiots