VIDEOS: Portland Police Declares Protests a “Riot,” Uses Tear Gas to Disperse Crowd

Portland Police warned Tuesday night:

The event on the 1800 block of N. Lombard has been declared a riot. Disperse immediately.

If you do not disperse to the east you are subject to arrest or use of force, to include crowd control munitions.

Fox12 reported protesters were near North Lombard Street and North Fenwick Avenue, which is right by the Portland Police Association Building.

Police said they were using CS gas to disperse the crowd.

The Oregonian tweeted video footage of the clash.


Per OregonLive, clashes between police and protesters on the 34th night of demonstrations stretched for a nearly mile through North Portland late Tuesday, leading to police using tear gas and leaving some drivers caught in the crosshairs.

The confrontations occurred after several hundred people marched more than a mile from Peninsula Park in Northeast Portland to the Portland Police Association headquarters in North Portland. The crowd arrived on the eve of a planned vote to extend the union contract and was met by dozens of officers in riot gear when marchers arrived.

As police pressed the crowd away from the building, nearby residents and store customers emerged to watch and to record the confrontation as it unfolded. Police used CS gas, a type of tear gas at least once, despite a federal court order that temporarily bars police from using tear gas, unless officers believe someone’s life is in danger. Lawyers for the group that filed the lawsuit, Don’t Shoot Portland, filed court papers Tuesday urging the judge to sanction the city for failing to heed the order during previous demonstrations.

The protests have occurred every night since late May as part of a global movement calling for the end of police violence.

The tear gas used Wednesday wafted past protesters to drivers and bystanders near North Lombard Street and Interstate Avenue, a busy intersection with two MAX stops, two bus stops, a Fred Meyer and two gas stations.

People reacted to the gas by streaming east and south. Some drivers on Lombard were trapped by the crowd and tear gas. Terrance Williams, 40, of Portland, said he was driving to a relative’s house when he got stuck in the traffic. Gas poured into his car, even though the car windows were up.

“I couldn’t see,” Williams said. “I couldn’t breathe. I was hyperventilating.”