VIDEOS: Over 2,000 flood streets in Portland for 57th night in a row, clash with feds

For the 57th night in a row, protesters wreaking havoc in Portland clashed with law enforcement. Thursday night to Friday early am, over 2,000 flooded the streets.

Federal law enforcement fire off tear gas after rioters continue to start fires outside the Portland federal courthouse. They gave multiple warnings that were ignored by the mob. Video by @ElijahSchaffer.

More war-like scenes in downtown Portland as rioters clash with federal law enforcement outside the federal courthouse. They are using leaf blowers to blow tear gas away so they can more quickly regroup. Video by @RichieMcGinniss. #PortlandRiots #antifa

Rioters face off with federal law enforcement at the Portland federal courthouse. Great video by @ElijahSchaffer:

Federal law enforcement vs rioters outside the Portland federal courthouse. They came out after rioters launched fireworks at the building and set fires all around the inside of the barrier. #PortlandRiots #antifa Video by @ElijahSchaffer:

Rioters break down a section of the barrier at the Portland federal courthouse and go inside. A team of federal law enforcement officers rush in and make two arrests of people who didn’t manage to escape. #PortlandRiots

Rioters try to make the fire bigger at the Portland federal courthouse. Video by @RichieMcGinniss. #PortlandRiots #antifa

Rioters go inside the barrier protecting the Portland federal courthouse and fan the flames of the fire they started. #PortlandRiots. Video by @VenturaReport:

Per Fox News, more than 2,000 people flooded downtown Portland overnight during the 57th day of protests in Oregon’s largest city, where President Trump has deployed federal agents despite the city’s outspoken opposition to the move.

Just hours after a federal judge blocked U.S. agents from arresting or using physical force against journalists and legal observers at protests, agents appeared to deploy tear gas early Friday to force thousands of demonstrators from crowding around the federal courthouse.

At least 100 agents were on the ground during some portion of the night, according to The Oregonian.

Following a larger Black Lives Matter rally, demonstrators faced off against federal officers at the courthouse.

Protesters had projected lasers on the building and attempted to take down a security fence that had been reinforced to keep demonstrators at a distance. The protesters moved away as clouds of gas rose from the area and flash grenades could be heard. In other instances, they used leaf blowers to push the noxious gas back toward law enforcement.

Police, who have said they are not involved in the federal government’s response, urged demonstrators to leave the area and, using a loudspeaker, warned people of the potential use of tear gas, according to the report.