VIDEOS: hundreds of boaters for Trump hold Sunday morning boat parade in NY

Just a day after over a thousand boaters for Trump attempted a world record in Florida, hundreds of boaters for Trump held a Sunday morning parade in NY on Lake George.

Liz Joy wrote “So great to get pictures of the Trump Boat Parade from Lake George,NY today! Many home owners/Boat owners from our District in #NY20 were there too! Thanks for the photos! @realDonaldTrump is going to win in a landslide! And He will take New York!!”

“About 400 boats.”


“Another day, another boat parade”

Yesterday, Trump touted the “boaters for Trump” movement, commenting  “We have a silent majority, the likes of which nobody has seen.” He added “I just looked there’s thousands of boats in lakes, rivers and oceans.”

“Thousands and thousands of boats, boaters for Trump…there’s signs all over, some of the boats have 10 flags on them, they’re incredible. There’s thousands. We did nothing to do this…it just happened.”

Team Trump touted the phenomena with this montage video: